Enjoy a Summer in Paris with numerous events

Enjoy a Summer in Paris with numerous events

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Enjoy a Summer in Paris : The city is favoured by many worldwide. There's lots to enjoy here and plenty to see and summertime brings more excitement to the city. They'll be so many events occurring during the summer and we at Hotel de Suede will make sure we keep you updated with all of the latest ones in our newsletter.

The Fete de la Musique is always a winner and a great way to start off the summer solstice. This music festival is a yearly event, featuring artists from across the globe, of professional and amateur levels. Free concerts are staged in venues throughout Paris and you'll even get to enjoy live performances on various streets. Paris really does come alive with the harmonious sounds ringing through the streets and the happy vibes are contagious. Whatever your favourite type of music is, you are bound to find a concert that you'll love, at the Fete de la Musique.

The Champs Elysees Film Festival is another great event to be enjoyed this summer. Held in one of the most beautiful and charming avenues known in Europe, the film festival features a selection of movies, from France and the USA, all directed and produced independently. From the 11 to the 17 of June, you can enjoy the very best of animation, short length and feature length films. They'll be contests too and Great French Classics and TCM movies are also being screened.

So there you have it! These events, along with Monumenta 2014: The Curious City at the Grand Palais, The Impressionists in Private at the Musee Marmottan Monet and Once Upon a Time the Orient Express at the Arab World Institute, will keep you thoroughly entertained, throughout the summer period. Keep abreast of all the events happening, with our monthly newsletter.

The Best Current Exhibitions in Paris our Top Picks

The best current exhibitions in Paris include Monumenta 2014: The Curious City, by IIya and Emilia Kabakov from the 22 June, The Impressionists in Private from the 6 July and Once Upon a Time Orient Express from the 31 August. Fine Art enthusiasts and those who appreciate the very best that contemporary art has to offer, will enjoy these top picks, while making the most of the beautiful, elegant city of Paris. These varied and diverse exhibitions are not to be missed.



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