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New Mugler cabaret show in Paris will excite and delight

What to do in Paris ?
New Mugler cabaret show in Paris re-invents the experience of the revue with acrobats, dancers, pumping music and the very latest technology - and it's highly recommended by all of us at Hotel de Suède, your perfect intimate home in Paris. [caption id="attachment_2621" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Manfred Thierry Mugler - New Mugler cabaret show in Paris - Busy bee and poster Busy bee fancy dress and poster[/caption]

New Mugler cabaret show in Paris is an evening of great excitement

The revue is an important part of Parisian cultural history, dating back to the first cabaret show in the late nineteenth century. Ever since, an evening of song, drama and dance has been an essential part of any visit to Paris.

With the Mugler Follies, the fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler takes this tradition and places it firmly in the twenty-first century.

Mugler is famous for breaking boundaries in every field that he's worked in, from haute couture to his latest perfumes. For Mugler Follies, he's assembled a top-rated troupe of dancers, performers and acrobats to make this show an experience you'll always remember. There are breathtaking routines, sumptuous costumes and lavish sets, and it's all performed with precision, beauty and real grace.

You can choose to see this high-tech show on its own - or combine your evening with a fine meal by Fouquet’s, the top-rated chefs that Mugler has engaged to give you a choice of menus. You'll be eating the finest food, perhaps with a glass or two of Champagne, before indulging your senses in the show itself.

Hotel de Suède the ideal base for your visit to new Mugler cabaret show in Paris

At Hotel de Suède we think the Mugler Follies is a must-see for your next visit to Paris. We're perfectly situated for the short Taxi or Metro ride to the Le Comedia theatre, where the show is on, and we'll be delighted to help you book your choice of tickets. It's all part of our desire to help you love Paris as much as we do.