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Montparnasse and its three renowned pillars - Hotel de Suede Paris

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Montparnasse immediately makes you think of its railway stations and its skyscraper. But the quarter of Montparnasse, situated in the south of Paris, is equally well-known for being the refuge of artists; many of whom draw their inspiration and choose a place to relax their spirit.

Montparnasse, the artist’s quarter

Montparnasse is often associated with Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. But other great names have also linked their destinies with this Parisian quarter including: Maupassant, Alfred Dreyfus and Serge Gainsbourg.

A number of artists, known as the “Montparnos”, turned Montparnasse into their general quarter between two wars. The Dome was a high point of culture in 1889 with Apollinaire and Matisse even deciding to establish themselves there. Even during the WWI Montparnasse didn’t lose a hint of its artistic side.


Vieux Montparnasse


Montparnasse, Its train station and its skyscraper

The Montparnasse’s train station, such as it’s known today, is in reality its third version. The first rapidly became too small and gave way to the second, which was the scene of a grave accident in 1895. Built in the 1960’s around the Montparnasse skyscraper, the third station is for voyagers arriving or departing for the west and south west of France.

The Maine-Montparnasse skyscraper is characterized by the fact that it was constructed above subway lines. Known as one of the highest skyscrapers in France with its 210 meters, its construction was particularly complex on soil composed of clay, limestone, and chalk. This skyscraper houses a large number of offices, but it is also home to a large commercial center called the Galeries Lafayette. Don’t miss going to admire Paris from the 56th floor of the skyscraper where you will have a breathtaking panoramic view of the whole city. And to top it all off, take a stop at the restaurant Ciel de Paris!

  Gare Montparnasse
  • 17, Boulevard de Vaugirard - Paris 14ème
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