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La Coupole Graffiti Exhibition : A New Look At Street Art

What to do in Paris ?
La Coupole Graffiti exhibition presents a new perspective on the art of the streets. The Art Deco splendour of the world famous La Coupole (The Cupola) restaurant is the appropriate showcase for an exhibition of another, often controversial art movement. Until September 30th this venue is presenting the work of French urban artists Done, Moon one, 6pack, Alex, Esper, Hopare, Stack and Brok/. The Hotel de Suede is just a few Metro stops or a twenty minute walk away from this groundbreaking exhibition.   [caption id="attachment_1615" align="aligncenter" width="630"]La Coupole Graffiti Exhibition at the brasserie La Coupole La Coupole Graffiti Exhibition at the brasserie La Coupole[/caption]  

La Coupole Graffiti exhibition demonstrates the talent of the streets

Graffiti can trace its origins back to the beginnings of civilisation. Since before classical times artists have been driven to make their marks on their environment in a celebration of freedom and defiance of repressive authority. During the 1970s Punk and 80s Hip Hop movements this urge began to express itself as an art form, as markers and spray paint became commonly available. It was on the walls of the New York Subway system that the level of talent began to be appreciated. Tags became more elaborate and messages became socially and politically aware. Astonishing artistic talents came to the forefront and graffiti began to be co-opted by the mainstream; its imagery being adopted for logos and illustration.

The French graffiti crew 123Klan have become assimilated into the commercial art world. Galleries began to provide wall space for displays of Graffiti art, and local authorities began providing areas where the artists could display their talents without fear of prosecution. Whether couched in hyper-realistic, abstract or 3D styles, there is immense talent apparent in the works of the eight artists who are showcased at La Coupole, and this visionary exhibition should not be missed.

  Video La Coupole Graffiti Exhibition  

The Hotel de Suede recommends the bold artistry of the La Coupole Graffiti Exhibition

Our quiet and stylish hotel in a tranquil and green part of Paris is the ideal place to relax after touring the nearby landmarks of the capital. The staff of the Hotel de Suede will be glad to assist you.