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Best Restaurants Paris : Five of the finest and most unusual

What to do in Paris ?
Best restaurants Paris is a phrase which carries considerable weight, especially as the capital is one of the world's premiere destinations for fine food. However, Paris also boasts some of the world's most unusual restaurants. Combine these two ideas and you have something very appealing. The Hotel de Suede is pleased to announce that five of the top fifteen most unusual Parisian restaurants are in our vicinity. [caption id="attachment_1600" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Best restaurants Paris - Brasserie Le Vaudeville - Office du tourisme Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand Best restaurants Paris - Brasserie Le Vaudeville - Office du tourisme Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand[/caption]  

Best restaurants Paris can offer, and the most unusual

If you feel like branching out into something very different, and if you have a tendency to eat like a bird, then you can take this to the extreme by enjoying a fine meal eaten in a tree. At restaurant Sur un arbre perché - Perched On A Tree - you can eat while seated on a swing, or in a treehouse.

If you're looking for a good place to do business, then why not try Finder's - the restaurant Le Dénicheur ? This is a restaurant and flea market in one, where all manner of things are for sale (except, we are asked to emphasise, the staff) amidst the Kitsch décor and the display of garden gnomes.

Restaurant Dans le Noir - In The Dark - offers a meal in absolute darkness, served by visually impaired staff. This enables you to enjoy your food in a whole new way, with the lack of visual stimulation actually enhancing the remaining senses, thereby intensifying the experience.


For an elegant dining experience in the style of the golden age of rail travel, Le wagon bleu - The Blue Wagon - offers meals served in a lovingly restored 1920s railway dining car which saw service on the Orient Express. Cherry wood panelling, overhead luggage racks complete with suitcases, and a sumptuous atmosphere.

Then fast forward thirty years to the Happy Days Diner. With aqua and pink décor, roomy booths, bagels, giant hot dogs, Mega Burgers and twenty flavours of milkshake, this is a traditional 50s style American diner. You almost expect the Fonz to drop by.

The Hotel de Suede amidst the best restaurants Paris

Our hotel is located in a verdant oasis in the heart of Paris, ideally placed to afford you access to all the landmarks of our city, and many fine restaurants. Let us advise you regarding great places to eat.